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Towing in Meriden, North Haven, Plainville, Middletown, and Southington. Serving All Points of CT & Beyond!

Nelcon Towing & Recovery provides reliable towing & roadside assistance in Connecticut, and is a AAA Trusted Service Provider in North Haven, Wallingford, Cheshire, and Meriden. Regardless of size, Nelcon has the equipment to tow your vehicle.

For the everyday driver, whether you’re a motor club member or not, we’ve got you covered! Just give us a call and we’ll have you back on the road in no time!

If you’ve got a truck or heavy equipment, and find yourself in a jam, Nelcon has a professionally trained response team to handle all your needs.  From a heavy duty tow, to accident recovery and site restoration, we’ll be there to take care of you every step of the way.

Contact Nelcon today for all your towing & recovery needs!

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We are a Trusted AAA Provider for North Haven, Wallingford, Cheshire, and Meriden CT!

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Customer Reviews

I know it's a little late but I had to say something. I was recently in a tractor trailer accident where the tractor trailer flipped. Yet On that same day July 1st the family Van left broke down and left my family stranded in a parking lot of a grocery store. I had to get out of the hospital and deal with that in a lot of pain. The reason why I'm saying this is so everyone knows what type of bad day I had But even with that being said once I called for a tow I was still Optimistic about how my day would end. To my greatsurprise a wonderful gentleman named Jamie showed up and realized the pain I was in and was very concerned but still overwhelmed with such a good vibe. This man of course did his job but went above and beyond just to make sure that I was comfortable and he honestly put a smile on my face just with his attitude. Even with A day like that this man not only got the job done but definitelyleft a phenomenal impression. It would be a crime for me not to say anything and have everyone who reads this acknowledge Jamie because he is a phenomenal worker with the best attitude with the best attitude and I hope that now is that nelcon sees this.and rewards him. THANK YOU JAMIE!
Angel Sierra
Angel S.
23:30 12 Jul 21
We had a bad accident on Rte. 15 in CT and Nelcon towed all the vehicles, including ours. They were very helpful and accommodating. It was raining by the time we got back to their garage and the luggage and other contents of our car was getting wet since the back window was totally shattered. So they towed the car to a spot inside their garage so we, and the contents of the car, didn’t get totally wet as we arranged for a rental car and then transferred the contents of the damaged car to the rental car.
Amy Newman
Amy N.
16:25 07 Jul 21
Nelson was a life saver. Our car battery died while we were visiting a park. They had us back on the road within an hour. The gentleman who assisted was very friendly.
Diana Agachi
Diana A.
20:33 26 Jun 21
Nelcon Services has grown by leaps and bounds in the last 5or6 yrs. I now understand why. As someone who grew up in the Towing Industry, They are very professional, but down to earth. Nelcon towed a Camper for me, and not only was the driver very professional, but was also personable, and a very good driver. He went above and beyond for me, even putting the Truck exactly where I asked (wasn't the easiest as my road in under construction, and road is very narrow). Never the less He did an awesome Job and would definitely call them for my next Medium/Heavy Duty Tow! Not to mention they have 2 of the nicest Rotators in thw State! They truly are Heavy Duty Specialists.If you have something hard to handle, or just plain HEAVY, they have all the bases covered, even a 5 axle Rotator!Thanks Nelcon, for helping me out when Not many others would, and doing it for a Reasonable price!If your having trouble finding a company to help you out,NELCON SERVICES IS THE CALL TO MAKE!!
Patrick Oleary
Patrick O.
16:57 18 Jun 21
Well, like I promised the Owner Sal, these guys went above and beyond on my road service.Josh really tried to save me money he tried two parts to get me going then, Sadly we had to order a third part for KW . So this out me down for 6 days waiting on the part to arrive. Sal recommended a cheaper hotel that was close to things to do. But my tow Experience with Jay and his helper (sorry can’t remember his name) was so exceptional , professional,friendly. Jay went above and beyond after a long day to get me a ride to Motel. After all the time I was Very satisfied with my repair although pricey it does come with Owning your own truck so market wise was “edible” for what it was. I want to thank Sal and Jay and Josh again. You are all “Rock Stars”. Sal your a man of your word. Only bad if I can add one small thing Dispatch could be more informative when you call and not switch you around several days and times when I called for updates, call back like you promise “I” and others are Counting in you to give us info. With all due respect and joking aside I hope I don’t see you all again for a long time LOL but if I do I know I can count on you to take care of me with professionalism.
Matthew Plourde
Matthew P.
22:23 17 Jun 21
My first time dealing with this company and I have to say that they are awesome. Very professional, friendly and knowledgeable staff.
Leodis Sigular
Leodis S.
16:16 11 Jun 21
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Nelcon has Terminals in Meriden, North Haven, Plainville, Middletown, and Southington and we service All Points of CT & Beyond!

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